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TOYAL Aluminum alloy powders for additive manufacturing and cold spray applications

Examples of Aluminum Alloy powders for Additive Manufacturing (wt.%)
Si Cu Mg Zr Zn Sc Mn Cr Ti Al
F357.0 7.0   0.6           0.1  
AlSi10Mg 10.0   0.4             Bal.
AlSi9Cu3 9.5 3 0.3             Bal.
A3003   0.1         1.3      
A6061 0.6 0.3 1.0         0.2   Bal.
A2024   4.4 1.5       0.6     Bal.
A7075   1.6 2.5   5.6     0.2   Bal.
Scalmalloy     4.5 0.3   0.7 0.5      

Toyal Aluminum Based Alloy Powder Morphology

Average particle size (D50 µm) Type A
Semi Spherical
Type C
Spherical with low oxygen content
Type B
Ultra spherical with low oxygen content
20 µm   Recommended for equipment that does not require flow-ability
30 µm Recommended for a wide range of powder - bed type equipment
40 µm Recommended for a wide range of powder - bed type equipment
80 µm Recommended for electron - beam and deposition methods

Toyal Product Nomenclature
Ex: Si10Mg30B
Si10Mg the first six letters indicate composition of the alloy
30 The next two letters indicate the average particle diameter (D50 µm)
B The last letter indicates the powder morphology
*Customized Aluminum Based Alloy Composition Upon Request

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