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Toyal X-series spherical aluminum powders are recognized as a key component to major space and defense programs in the USA and worldwide.
Toyal X-series spherical aluminum powders are used for solid rocket fuel propellant, missile propellant, and various other military applications.
Toyal is one of the leading global suppliers of Spherical Aluminum Powders for Aerospace applications.

Grade Name D50 (microns) Minimum Aluminum ingot purity Standard drum size
X-65 9 99.70% 500 LBS
X-71 13 99.70% 600 LBS
X-80 19 99.70% 600 LBS
X-81 23 99.70% 600 LBS
X-85 29 99.70% 600 LBS
X-86 34 99.70% 600 LBS

*Toyal America can customize spherical aluminum powders according to your specifications.

Gas Atomized Aerospace Defense


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